Weekend in Review 3/10/13

In a subtle, yet quite way, this weekend ended up as a very exciting one.  From Tiger winning number 76 to Michigan's unlucky rim roll-out, this weekend was chalked full of scores and highlights. #2 Indiana edges out #7 Michigan for Big Ten Title

In one of the most exciting games of the season, of course it took place on the last day for the regular season.  All Indiana needed to do was beat the Wolverines today, and they would win the Big Ten regular season title outright, but it wasn't going to be easy.   As I was watching this game, you couldn't help but enjoy the even competition that was being exemplified on the court.  Of course being a Buckeye fan (who defeated Illinois today 68-55), I was torn on who I was rooting for because if Michigan won, then Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Michigan State all shared the Big Ten Title.  I ended up going against the grain and rooted for the Hoosier's because I really respect Crean and what he has done for that program.  As Michigan held a 6 point lead with about 2 minutes to go, you couldn't help but think that Michigan had done it and that the game was over, but like time after time this season, the Hoosier's didn't quit.  Putting themselves in a situation down 71-70 with 13 seconds to go, the ball was in the hands of none other than Indiana's Sophomore giant, Cody Zeller, who finished with 25 points and 10 rebounds, adjusted his shot and kissed it off of the glass to give Indiana the 72-71 lead.  After a shot by Burke clanked off the rim, Jordan Morgan's put back did not take a friendly Crisler Center roll, and gave Indiana the Big Ten Title they had deserved.  Indiana finished the season 26-5 (14-4 Big Ten), as Michigan ended the regular season at 25-6 (12-6 Big Ten).  What this game showed on Sunday is no matter what you see as the wins and losses on Big Ten team's records, it has been a consistent fight all season long to this next stage, The Big Ten Tournament.  And if all of the amazing games in the Big Ten this season are a sign of what we will see in Indianapolis, not only will it be the best conference tournament this season, but it will be one for the ages.

Tiger wins #76 at the WGC-Cadillac Championship in Doral

It seems that every time Tiger Woods goes off of our radar, he notices, and gets right back on it.  That is exactly what he did at this weekends World Golf Championship tournament in Doral, Florida wrapping up his 76th PGA Tour victory with a 19-under par.  Maybe it is just me, but two years ago when McElroy was making his way onto the scene, I kind of forgot about Tiger, and frankly got tired about hearing about him because he wasn't doing anything for the game at the moment.  As good as Woods was, the common phrase for me has always been, what have you done for me lately? Then it seems that all of a sudden, something happened. Tiger won a tournament, then went silent for awhile. Then another win, and another, and another.  When I got to see it first hand last year at the 2012 Memorial Tournament, that's when I realized that not only was Tiger still relevant, but he never really left.  The guy went through a lot and he deserved every bit of ridicule and hate that he received from everybody, but without that horror, you have to wonder if Woods would be coming back with the force that he is.  Some people need their life to come to a sudden stop to realize where they are and what they are doing, and with his win this weekend at Doral, it looks like Tiger may have found his second wind.

Heat win 18 in a row! When will it stop?

After Sunday's 105-91 torching of the Indiana Pacers, the Miami Heat have now won 18 straight games, which makes you wonder, when is it going to stop?  The Heat have become even hotter in the right time of the season.  With the regular season winding down and prepping for the playoffs, Wade is playing back to form, role players such as Battier, Chalmers and Bird Man, and helping out in multiple ways, and oh yeah, the best player in the world, is well, playing like the best player in the world.  As a Cavs fan, it kills me to say this, but the way that Lebron & Crew are playing at this point in the season, holding the win streak that they do, it will be a miracle if any other team in the NBA can beat them in a 7-game series.  James did it tonight with only 13 points and 7 assists, which speaks for the success and talent of the team as a whole.  But when reality kicks in, all good things do come to an end at some point, I just wonder when that will be.

Happy Birthday to Matt Kenseth!

As Matt Kenseth turned 41 today, he also celebrated something else, a Sprint Cup win in Las Vegas.  The birthday boy was able to hold off Kasey Kahne for his 25th career victory.  I have always like Matt Kenseth, and have always respected his skill and his style.  He never says too much, but he doesn't take any crap either.  With Kahne finishing 2nd, and Keselowski getting 3rd, that put Kyle Busch in 4th, and as long as he doesn't win, I am a happy camper.  That is a blog for a different day, but I wanted to give some love to Matt Kenseth and happy birthday my friend!

Spring Training Tribe Talk: Texas 7 Cleveland 6

I understand that this is not big news, because those of you reading this may not be Indians fan's but until I get some baseball requests, I will be talking about my beloved Tribe.  The Cleveland Indians went to 11-6 on the spring today after they lost to the Texas Rangers (7-7), 7-6.  But the loss wasn't the talk of the weekend, but Francona naming Zach McAllister as the #4 starter in the Tribe's starting rotation to start the season was.  It has been a huge question all spring if McAllister was going to be the 4th guy in the rotation, and frankly, I am happy to see that he is.  He had his ups and downs last year in his first big league season, but all in all, he impressed me.  His poise and demeanor shows what kind of pitcher and big leaguer he could be one day.  But with one question answered, of course that leaves the final spot in the rotation.  Right now it is a toss up between Carlos Carrasco, Scott Kazmir and Daisuke Matsuzaka for the final spot, and after Carrasco gave up 2 runs in 4 innings to the Rangers, I still don't know.  If I had to guess, I would say that Kazmir will get the call, due to his experience and the road that he has taken to get back to where he is.  All I can say is that I can't wait for the season to start, and if this spring is any sign of what Tribe can do this season, good things are on the horizon.