The Shake Down: NFL Free Agency


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Posted by: Curt Ashcraft (@cashcraft740)

Edited by: Tommy Parrill (@DearTommy)

  Earlier in the week, I posted a story about the Baltimore Ravens and their busy offseason, thus far.  Whether it works out in their favor remains to be seen. Yet as the week has progressed, the Ravens haven’t been the only team doing the cutting and signing from the 2013 free agent pool.  So far, there have been some signings that I have liked, and some that I don't particularly care for.  There are still plenty of free agents out there to sign, but as of now, here are my loves’s and hate’s of the NFL offseason.


The Detroit Lions signing RB Reggie Bush & DE Jason Jones

Ever since his time in New Orleans, I feel that, if put in the right situation, Reggie Bush can be one of the most dangerous players in the game.  When I first heard that he signed with the Lions, it made perfect sense.  Having Matthew Stafford throw the ball 50 times a game, to arguably the best wide receiver in the game, Calvin Johnson, will allow Bush to conduct his explosive plays through the air as well as screens and options. Even out of the backfield, which is a thing of the past in today's game.  I still feel that Detroit is a solid #2 receiver away from being a legit contender, but the addition of Reggie Bush is definitely sending them in the right direction.

After losing Cliff Avril to the Seattle Seahawks, the Lions needed to add another physical and talented defender coming off of the line.  They got what they wanted in essentially a swap with the Seahawks, as defensive end, Jason Jones, is headed to Detroit.  Jones does not have the name of Avril, but packs quite the punch.  He is big, quick and agile. At 6’5”, he comes off of the line like a bull on LSD.  After flying under the radar in Seattle, he will have his chance to shine in Detroit.

Wes Welker to the Denver Broncos

After all of his years of production in New England, the Patriots didn’t feel the need to bring Welker back.  That sounded just fine to the Broncos who were right there to snatch him up.  We all saw how productive Peyton Manning was last year without his usual slot/possession receiver, and sorry to the rest of the NFL, but he has it now.  The Broncos now have Demaryius Thomas to stretch the field, Eric Decker to play the sideline, and Wes Welker to run a slant out 5 yards, and turn it into 20.  In terms of offense, this may be the missing piece that the Broncos were looking for.

Steven Jackson heading to the ATL

For his entire career, Jackson was the back-bone of the St. Louis Rams, with nothing to show for it.  His fortune changed when the Falcons cut Michael Turner and were waiting for Jackson with open arms.  Atlanta already has the young, tough and quick Jacquizz Rodgers, but now they have a bruiser in Jackson that will slow down the game. This gives the Falcons another offensive threat, which is just what they need to go with their air attack.

Michael Bennett, Cliff Avril & Percy Harvin to Seattle

The Seahawks turned out to be the surprise team in the NFL last season, almost reaching the Super Bowl.  After making moves this offseason, their success won’t surprise anyone this year.  First, they go out and trade for a legitimate #1 wide receiver in Percy Harvin from Minnesota, which has to make Russell Wilson ecstatic. They then go and improve on an already extremely strong defense by signing defensive ends Michael Bennett & Cliff Avril.  The presence of Percy already makes the rest of the offense better in Seattle, and Bennett and Avril do the same for the defense.  Seattle was so close to the Super Bowl last year, if everything falls into place, they will be there this year.


Mike Wallace takes his talents to South Beach

Before I have every Dolphins fan on earth wanting my head, let me state my case.  I get that Wallace has tremendous speed and can stretch the field, but there is something about Wallace that I have never liked.  Mike Wallace has always acted like a primadonna with a bad attitude, and I want nobody like that on my team.  It seems like every time I turn around, he was complaining about a contract, a coach, or not getting enough ranch dressing... Alright, maybe not that last one. Will he make the Dolphins better, absolutely, but when he struggles and blames Tannehill, don’t come crying to me.

The New England Patriots replace Welker with Danny Amendola

The signing of Danny Amendola was a slap to the face of Wes Welker and just goes to show the arrogance of the Patriots.  The statement that New England is making is that it doesn’t matter who plays wide receiver in their system, but they will succeed.  Saying that Welker is nothing without the Patriots, and Amendola will now be the 1,000 yard receiver...pretty arrogant if you ask me.  Amendola’s injury ridden past may put a cog in their plans, and if it does, good.  New England can shove it, I hope Amendola struggles and Welker helps Peyton get another ring.

The Best for Last: Elvis Dumervil’s Agent

Over the last few days, Elvis Dumervil and the Denver Broncos had agreed on a contract restructure bringing Dumervil back to Denver, which is what both sides wanted.  However, when it came to yesterday’s deadline, negotiations between Dumervil’s agent and the Broncos were not able to be finished and went past the deadline because of fax machine issues.  Yep,  you heard correctly, FAX MACHINE ISSUES!!! I'm sorry, but in this day in age, why in the hell would you use a freaking fax machine to handle some of the most important paper work of your future?  Even I'm writing this blog on my phone!  My apologies to Elvis Dumervil, who wanted to go back to Denver, but next time, you might want to meet in person, or you know, email.  Welcome to the 21st Century folks.