Boston Strong

Photo by David Richard/USA TODAY Sports/ Written by: Curt Ashcraft (@cashcraft740)

Edited by: Tommy Parrill (@DearTommy) At my ripe age of 22, I am truly blessed to have done the things that I've done and to have traveled to the places that I've been. One of my favorite places that I have ever been to is Boston, Massachusetts. It is a beautiful city with passionate sports fans and a true blue-collar attitude.  Also, I have never met a Bostonian that backs down from a fight. I love their spirit, passion and fire for this beautiful thing called life. I love Boston.


On Monday afternoon at the Boston Marathon, an act of terrorism took place.  Two different bombs went off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon as many people were finishing the 26.2-mile race.  Since that moment, it has been constant news coverage.  Television crews have conducted many interviews with Bostonian’s and the one feeling that you have felt very seldom from their citizens is fear.  Of course when anything of this magnitude happens to anyone, there is a level of fear, but if this were any other American city, we would notice it, but not Boston.  The level of trust they have in one another along with their never back down attitude truly follows the motto proudly, Boston Strong.

Since that day, many Boston sports teams have been in action, and with that, many Boston athletes are carrying some heavy hearts out on the court, diamond and ice.  The Boston Red Sox were in Cleveland the day after the tragedy took place, and the Tribe and their fans welcomed them with open arms.  Even their archrival, the New York Yankees, paid tribute to the Red Sox and the city of Boston.  What is supposed to be a rivalry full of hate, showed that in times like these, we are all brothers and sisters.


Then on Wednesday night as the Boston Bruins were set to host the Buffalo Sabres, one of the coolest things in sports history took place.  Rene Rancourt, who usually sings the National Anthem at Bruins games, started to sing the National Anthem, but as soon as the fans and players started singing, he let them take it over.  As I am watching this unfold, I can’t help but get goose bumps and get a little emotional.  Then when you actually realize what is happening, you can’t help but be damn proud to be an American.  An entire city comes together when faced with adversity.  The Bruins, Celtics and Red Sox (which is and will always be the most popular team in Boston) have played with much emotion since that tragic day, but not without the support from their fans.  When you play professional sports in a certain city, it becomes a part of you.  Citizens of that city come out to watch you play a sport that you are damn good at and it latches on to you, especially in Boston.  Constantly living and becoming a part of the community not only makes you a player, but a fan as well.  The fans may be ruthless at times, but they are always supportive.  Always there for the good and the bad, and now that the bad is upon us, the Boston faithful are tighter than ever.


As of today, one of the bombing suspects is pronounced dead and the other suspect is now in custody.  Between you and me, I hope the bastard gets exactly what he deserves.  So as the events of this week have taken place, always remember how the city of Boston reacted.  Between their beloved sports teams and the citizens, Boston has shown their fight, trust, love and passion. We can all take a page out of their playbook, and if we do, we will all be Boston Strong.  God Bless America!