Shooting for the Stars

Photo by Jason Miller/US Presswire/ Written by: Curt Ashcraft (@cashcraft740)

Edited by: Matt Shock (@shockwave_music)


As I made my way through the latest sports news today, I noticed a story that intrigued me.  It has come to my attention that the Cleveland Cavaliers have reached out to Phil Jackson about their coaching vacancy.  My first and only response to that was, I sure as hell hope so! Ever since the day that Cleveland fired Byron Scott, I have had that thought of Phil Jackson back on the sidelines on my mind.  Whether you are an NBA, College or even YMCA basketball team, your first call for a coach should be to Phil Jackson.  When you have totaled 11 NBA Titles as a coach in your career (6 with the Chicago Bulls & 5 with the Los Angeles Lakers), you tend to be a hot commodity.  I think that it would be the best move in the world for the Cavs if Jackson showed up in Cleveland, and whether he does or not, it is time to go all in.


Both you and I know that Cleveland is probably not Jackson’s destination of choice and the chances of him being the next Cavs coach are not very good.  Also, things are shaping up pretty nicely for Mike D’Antoni to get fired at the end of the season so that Phil can take over the Lakers for the third time in his career.  Which is exactly where he wants to be.   So if I am Dan Gilbert and the Cavaliers, I go all in.  I would open up the checkbook and the organization to a guy that is a proven winner.  Let him choose his price and his position (along with acting as coach) within the organization.  To get a guy like Phil Jackson, you only get one chance.  The Cavs actually interviewed him back in 2005, but ended up going with Mike Brown, who they are apparently interested in now as well, so please don’t get me started.  Cleveland is lucky enough to have a second chance at a coach that knows how to bring a team together, so I hope they don’t blow it.  As important as bringing a guy like Phil Jackson to the Cavaliers is, the most important thing is what the future may hold if he does come to Cleveland.


With a guy like Jackson at the helm, you will start to see a young, rising star in Kyrie Irving turn into a superstar, and talented contributors in Dion Waiters and Tristan Thompson will help Irving and the Cavs get back to the play-offs.  Also, with a coach of Jackson’s caliber on the Cleveland sidelines, that would give LeBron James that much more of a reason to come back to Cleveland.  I don’t care if you are still upset at LeBron for leaving or not, but it is time to get over it.  James did what he had to do to fulfill a dream of winning an NBA title, and that is exactly what he did with Miami last season.  The truth of the matter is that LeBron James is the best player in all of basketball, and if Jackson coming to Cleveland can increase the chances of LeBron’s return, then Gilbert better get to work.  So if Jackson comes to Cleveland, Kyrie will be more inclined to stay, LeBron may want to come back home, and it would greatly increase the chances of other high-profile free agents of coming to the Cavaliers.  Not only does Jackson help you out for the present, but also the future is limitless.


So whether Jackson is interested in the Cleveland Cavaliers or not, it doesn’t matter.  It is time to go all in on this hand and do whatever it takes to get Phil Jackson in Cleveland, because the opportunities are endless.