Jets Continue to Trim QB Depth

Photo by Rich Schultz/AP Photo/ Written by: Curt Ashcraft (@cashcraft740)

Edited by: Tommy Parrill (@DearTommy)

When the Jets signed David Garrard during the off-season, I really thought that it was a great move.  A seasoned veteran who has been out of the league these last few years because of injuries will be able to back up the still young Mark Sanchez and if Sanchez continues to fail, Rex Ryan can bring the ole righty out of the pen.  Tim Tebow would eventually be traded and the Jets would have a pretty solid trio of Sanchez, Garrard & McElroy.  Then by everyone’s surprise, New York signed Matt Simms and drafted Geno Smith out of West Virginia in the second round of this year’s draft.  All of a sudden, the Jets had SIX quarterbacks on their roster (three too many) and the question was who was headed out of town first.  My thought was that they would trade both Sanchez and Tebow for future draft picks, Simms would get cut during training camp and then you would see Garrard start the season while mentoring Smith, the quarterback of the future.  In the last two weeks, Tebow was cut, and as of today, David Garrard has left the Jets because his “knee” is still a problem. Even though that may be true, I believe that there is still something going on in New York that none of us know about.

Personally, I believe that Garrard left the Jets because he saw the writing on the wall.  If I were in his shoes, I would just hang around and collect as many paychecks as possible until I got cut or retired, but that’s just me. Garrard has always had knee issues, but there has to be another reason of why he left. My guess is that Garrard was given an ultimatum from General Manager, John Idzik. Either leave the team on your own or the Jets will cut you before training camp, therefore leaving the pathway for Idzik’s draft pick, Geno Smith, to be the main competition with Sanchez for the starting job this season. Once Geno was drafted, that changed the game for the Jets.  Idzik wanted to start fresh with a quarterback that he drafted for the future.  Tebow and Garrard are now gone, and call me crazy, but by this time next year, Sanchez will be either traded or cut as well leaving Smith as the starter and McElroy as the back-up.  Now don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with what Idzik is doing because the quarterback situation in New York has been a soap opera for the last few years, so starting anew may not be a bad idea.  I’m just not buying that it was Garrard’s knee that called it quits in the NYC.

Just a few weeks ago, the Jets had six quarterbacks, now it is four, and by the start of the season, it will be cut down to three.  I always enjoyed watching Garrard play in Jacksonville, but that will not happen in New York anymore.  Before you know it, we will be saying the same about Mark Sanchez because truth be told, this is Geno’s team now and a new chapter has begun in the Big Apple.