Are You Happy with the Browns’ 2013 Draft?

Photo by Lonnie Timmons III/The Plain Dealer/

Written by: Matt Shock (@shockwave_music)

Edited by: Curt Ashcraft (@cashcraft740)

Now, I fully realize that I’m a little bit late to the party when it comes to discussing the 2013 NFL Draft.  But sometimes, as a fan, it takes me a little bit of time to gauge my happiness or anger towards the moves my team(s) made in sports.  That said, I feel I’ve given myself enough time to “objectively” form my opinion on the 2013 NFL Draft as far as the Cleveland Browns are concerned.

For starters, I am not here to discuss the Jimmy Haslam/Flying J situation.  I understand that it’s hard to talk Browns football without this story coming into the conversation, but I’d like to table that discussion right now and delve strictly into football.

Let’s start with round one.  The Browns did something that gave me hope, they let Geno Smith pass and they took Barkevious Mingo with the sixth overall pick.  All I could say at that moment was, “Thank God!”  As a fan, I was happy that they went in any direction besides that of drafting yet another quarterback.  At that moment, I even thought that they might be really smart and use the rest of their picks to try and surround Brandon Weeden with a few weapons.

But alas, it seemed to be business as usual for the Browns.  They began trading away the precious few draft picks they had…just like the previous regime did year after year.  Apparently this regime seems satisfied to hang yet another quarterback out to dry.

Here I sit as a Browns fan, with nothing to show for the first draft under new ownership other than a decent defensive pick in the first round.  Drafting one quality guy is just not enough at this point.  This team needs difference makers who can help them win now…not two or three seasons from now!

Now I’m not at all suggesting that Brandon Weeden is the next Bernie Kosar, but I do think that he is serviceable enough to do the job while the Browns add pieces until the next quarterback rich draft.  This sounds a lot like building around Weeden, but it is distinctly different because the whole intention is to build up your skill position depth so that when the next great quarterback draft comes along, the team is ready to win right away.

All I know is that I’m sick of seeing the Browns repeat this vicious cycle: draft a quarterback, give that quarterback no help, blame said quarterback (and connected head coach) for consecutive losing seasons, draft new quarterback and hire new head coach.  The very definition of insanity is doing the same thing while expecting new results.  Well, when are the Browns going to start doing things differently?  Their insanity is in turn driving me insane.

I was really fooled this year, and so were many faithful Browns fans.  I thought that because new ownership was taking over, then the Browns would start acting and drafting as if they actually wanted to succeed in the NFL.

I seem to be a little insane myself.  Every year, at the end of the season, I throw my Browns hat into the closet and vow to find a real team to watch next year.  Then every fall, I take the hat back out of the closet and think, maybe this year is the year when we finally have a winning season.  Then about four weeks into the season, I remember why I threw the stupid hat back into the closet as another painful season goes down the drain.

So from one insane fan to one insane team, could we please stop kidding ourselves and change the way we do things?  We may surprise ourselves.