Maurice Clarett: From the Pen to the Pitch

Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images/ Written by: Curt Ashcraft (@cashcraft740)

Edited by: Tommy Parrill (@DearTommy)

For all of you Ohio State Buckeye fans out there, 2002 is a year that you will never forget. Jim Tressell and the 2002 Buckeyes went undefeated and defeated the University of Miami for the National Championship of College Football. Along with winning the title, we all thought that the future looked pretty bright. Craig "The Cowboy" Krenzel was coming back for his senior year and there was a pretty impressive soon-to-be sophomore running back for the scarlet and gray named Maurice Clarett. In his freshman year, Clarett ran for over 1,200 yards, 18 touchdowns and was a huge reason of why the Bucks won the title in '02.  Ohio State thought that the next three years were going to be fun to watch, but then those dreams came to a screeching halt.


The next few years for Clarett went something like this: leaving Ohio State, NCAA Investigation, cut by the Denver Broncos, drugs, guns, more drugs, more guns, arrested, and finally sharing a cell with "Bubba" in prison. In not so many words, he went from the scarlet and gray, to the orange and shackles. Since then, Clarett has apparently "found God" and played in the UFL. First of all, why does it take someone who had it all to lose it all to find God? I would personally be thankful for my good fortunes and not be selfish about it, but I guess this kind of crap happens all too often so now I'm just wasting perfectly good oxygen... sorry, Al Gore. With his life turning completely upside down, the newly reborn Clarett has found a new profession. Maurice Clarett is officially going to give rugby a try. Yes folks you heard me correct, rugby.  He will be competing in the Rugby Sevens Tournament next weekend in Mechanicsburg, Ohio for a team out of Columbus that may have a chance to represent the USA in the 2016 Summer Olympics.  I heard about this story a few months ago, but when I heard it again today and that it will actually happen, I knew that it was time to take it seriously.  The problem is that I've never been able to take Maurice Clarett seriously. Everywhere that Clarett has been, he has acted selfishly. That's what got him out of OSU, out of the NFL and, subsequently, into the pen. He claims to have changed his life when he was behind bars, and if he did, that is great for him and I have nothing but respect for the man. But if this "life change" and the rugby switch is just another stunt, then you can keep your new life and get the hell out of ours. Personally, I wish Clarett the best of luck and I hope that if he is sincere, he finds success at the highest level. From what I have seen so far, this new Maurice may be legitimate, but we have seen this song and dance before. So be cautious with this new #13, and remember folks, just because a skunk wears a top hat, doesn't mean it isn't a skunk.