Marmol Wants to Stay, But Cubs Fans want Him Gone!

Photo by David Banks/Getty Images/

Written by: Matt Shock (@shockwave_music)

Edited by: Curt Ashcraft (@cashcraft740)

I saw a report that Carlos Marmol had supposedly said that he can’t wait to leave Chicago.  Soon after, in typical sporting news fashion, Marmol is reportedly denying that he said anything of the sort.  The irony in Marmol trying to cover his tracks is that most Cubs fans can’t wait until they can be rid of one of the worst relief pitchers in recent memory.

How bad is Carlos Marmol?  Well, simply put…he makes Kevin Gregg look like Mariano Rivera.  Okay, maybe that’s a little severe, but I’m tired of watching this guy consistently miss the strike zone.

When you’re a closer, your job is to throw strikes and be lights out for one inning.  Not everyone is cut out to be a closer.  I can remember a few years back when Kerry Wood was closing for the Cubs and Marmol was the setting up for him in the eighth inning.  This role seemed to fit Marmol perfectly because he could go in there, throw a solid inning with “less” pressure, and hand the whole thing off to Kerry Wood.

At the time, Wood was a lights out closer.  In fact, Wood being so good was the main reason I hold such a grudge against Kevin Gregg…but we all know how I feel about that (  I guess that if I knew I had that kind of support behind me, I could probably relax and do my thing too.

Aside from my frustrations with Marmol’s pitching, this whole story kind of annoys me.  Why is it that an athlete can’t be honest with the media and the fans?  (I know, because if they were, we sports writers would still complain about something and fans would be just as crazy as usual.)   It would have been the proverbial breath of fresh air if Marmol had just come out and said, “I know the fans are tired of me here in Chicago.  To be honest, I’m a little tired of me being in Chicago as well.”  He could’ve even gone the smooth, diplomatic route and gave reporters the old “You know, I think that both the Cubs and I would benefit from a fresh start” routine.  But no, instead he chickened out.

Let’s just be real about the whole thing.  Carlos Marmol is bad, Cubs fans are sick of him, he’s probably sick of being booed every time he pitches, and I’m sure the Cubs are sick of watching him walk people…so just cut him.  If the Cubs are worried about the money side of things, I refer them to my piece about Kevin Gregg…I’ll take the league minimum to blow saves in Marmol’s place as well.