Gee Says Goodbye

Photo is courtesy of The Associated Press/ Written by: Curt Ashcraft (@cashcraft740)

Edited by: Tommy Parrill (@DearTommy)


Ohio State has been in the spotlight once again, but not for a criminal running back, or a tattoo faux pas.  All because of an old man with a bow tie.  Yes, the president of Ohio State University, E. Gordon Gee, has found himself in hot water with the NCAA because of some comments that he made about the SEC, Louisville and “those damn Catholics" when referring to Notre Dame.  Due to his comments and the backlash that he has received from the media, Gee announced his retirement from Ohio State earlier today.  Whatever your opinion on the situation may be, it is safe to say that we all saw this coming.

Even though Ohio State came out and said that he gets one more chance before he is fired, I had a feeling that he would be given an ultimatum. He would either leave on his own terms and retire or, Ohio State will do what is best for the university and fire good ole Gordy.

If you were ever a student at Ohio State or ever met the man, Gordon Gee was not only a guy that you could carry on a conversation with, but he was as much a Buckeye fan as any student that attended the university.  As cool as that was, I truly feel that it ended up being his downfall as the president.

Gee was joking about the intelligence of Louisville and the entire South Eastern Conference, calling Notre Dame the “damn Catholics” and even called Bret Bielema a thug, just like any sports fan would.  I viewed Gee’s comments like I was having a discussion with my grandpa. You let him say what he wants and just laugh it off because he is your grandpa.  The difference between grandpa and Gordon Gee is that Gee is the president of one of the biggest universities in the country and my grandpa collects license plates and drives my grandma to the Amish Country.  Due to the position that he holds, Gee should’ve known better than to say something about other schools that someone may find offensive.  Has it been blown out of proportion just a bit, absolutely, but when you hold a title as big as Gee did, it is more important to act as the president instead of looking for a few laughs.

I still love Gordon Gee and believe that he is a great man, but due to the society we live in, off the record doesn’t exist anymore and if there is a microphone around, it may be best to watch your back.  Thank you for everything you did at Ohio State Mr. Gee and if you ever want to pick up license plate collecting, my grandfather is just one phone call away.  Enjoy retirement!