Press Conferences & The Egos that Follow

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Written by: Matt Shock (@shockwave_music)

Edited by: Curt Ashcraft (@cashcraft740)

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I am currently having a great time following the various Buckeye recruiting updates from various writers on Twitter and from listening to sports radio while driving a delivery truck all day.  Nothing gets me more excited than learning that we just landed another stud recruit and that next year’s team will be even better than this year’s team.  But everything good about college football seams to carry a price these days, and the price we pay during recruiting is the ever popular commitment press conference that every player with way too big of an ego seems to put on.

These things drive me insane!  I mean really, you’ve got big schools all over the country knocking down your door. The best coaches in the country telling you that you can push their teams over the top, and you’ve probably got your pick of any chick you could possibly want…so how much more of an ego boost do you really need?  Evidently calling a press conference to tell the world which football program you plan to have the NCAA investigate next must top off the old ego tank nicely.

Let’s be honest, in recent years, the guys who have been causing the most problems for their teams have been the ones who had to call a blasted press conference.  We here at The Ohio State University know all to well the penalties of bringing one of these guys into our program.  If you didn’t notice, the Buckeyes went undefeated last season and couldn’t play for a national title because Terrelle Pryor felt like he needed a little bit more ink!  (Yes, I know the blame is not all on him.  Yes, I know Tressel was at fault for covering it up.  No, I don’t buy for a second the stupid excuse that Gene Smith made for these guys.)


If I were a head football coach (and this statement will surely prove why I am not), the second one of these guys strung me along and then told me that they were holding a press conference to announce their decision, I’d retract my scholarship offer immediately.  These guys need to learn a little humility.  Yes, the team needs them, but the team does not need the headaches that are sure to follow along with them.

So it appears that by the time signing day rolls around in February, I will have gone crazy.  Not from work related stress, not from traffic on my short commute home, but from watching commitment press conferences!  I can’t take it anymore!