Should Yasiel Puig be an All-Star?

Photo is by Mike Stobe/Getty Images/ Written by: Curt Ashcraft (@cashcraft740)

Edited by: Tommy Parrill (@DearTommy)

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We are less than two weeks away from this year’s MLB All-Star Game and surprisingly enough, Chris Davis of the Baltimore Orioles and his league leading 33 home runs are not the topic of discussion.  For the last few weeks, all you have been able to hear about from the world of baseball is if the Los Angeles Dodgers’ rookie phenomenon, Yasiel Puig, was going to make the National League All-Star team.  As both leagues revealed their line-ups yesterday, Puig was left off of the roster…. for now.  Puig will join his teammate, Adrian Gonzalez, Ian Desmond of the Nationals, Freddie Freeman of the Braves and Hunter Pence of the Giants in a fan vote for the final NL spot that will be chosen this coming Thursday.  Whether you feel that he deserves a spot on the roster or not after only 32 games this season, I personally believe that not only has he done enough to earn his spot, but also will now be an All-Star without question.

The consensus that I am hearing from the major league players is that it would be “a joke” if Puig was selected as an All-Star.  After a sample size of only 32 games at this point, I totally understand.  There are plenty of other guy’s in the National League that have busted their butt all season long and just because some young buck comes up in June and starts raking the ball, doesn’t mean that he is an All-Star.  That is where you would be wrong.  If there were a player that was that deserving of a roster spot, than his numbers would’ve easily earned it.  Since Puig has hit .409 with 8 home runs and 19 RBI’s in just over a month of play and his debut numbers compare to a guy named Joe DiMaggio, then he has earned the opportunity just as much as any other guy.  Puig may receive many All-Star spots to come, but if you look strictly at the numbers and the 19-13 record that he has helped the Dodgers earn since joining the team, then the rookie is unquestionably an All-Star.

Puig may have not been named an All-Star in the initial voting, but now that it is up to the fans, there is no doubt in my mind that we will see the young Dodger in New York.  The players may not want to see him in the All-Star Game, but baseball fans sure do.  Puig received over 850,000 write-in votes from the fans, and that wasn’t by accident.  Baseball fans love when a young guy is promoted from the minors and sets the baseball world on fire.  It is safe to say that we haven’t seen many rookies do what Puig has done, but because of his jump on the scene, this rookie will receive many votes from all baseball fans.  He is a fan favorite for what he has been able to do on the field and also because he is in the conversation with Mike Trout, Bryce Harper and Manny Machado as the future of baseball.  If the choice would’ve been up to the players or coaches, then he may have not made it, but now that his fate is in the hands of the fans, expected Puig to be an All-Star.

I may not make many major league baseball players happy with this blog, but to me, there is no debate.  Whether Puig makes the All-Star team or not, we all know, including the players and coaches, that the Dodgers’ rookie is an All-Star either way.

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