Brad Stevens has Jumped Ship!

Photo by  Darren McCollester/Getty Images/ Written by: Neil Brown (@downtowneil)

Edited by: Curt Ashcraft (@cashcraft740)

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By now this is old news to everyone, unless you’ve been living in China or under a rock. Or possibly even under a rock in China. But I needed a couple of weeks to cool down, otherwise this post would've probably sounded more like a death threat than my anger towards people for wanting more money.

Here’s my big gripe, is there no loyalty in sports anymore? I know the fans are still loyal as ever, if not more so.  I’m an Indians and Browns fan, so I’ve felt my share of heartbreak in my 23 years on Earth. I could run down the list of the ways that Cleveland sports didn’t even take me to dinner, but yet still had their way with me, but that’s for another post.

At this point it seems like players and coaches alike have no problem leaving behind everything for the big paycheck. There are no more Joe Paternos and only a few Cal Ripkins left. Just this past April, Stevens signed a 12 year contract extension to remain at Butler through the 2021-2022 seasons. Three months later, the dollar signs caught up to him and he’s headed to Bean Town.

He’s not the only turn coat we’ve seen this year though. Chip Kelly, the beloved coach of my Oregon Ducks, was going to leave Oregon for the Philadelphia Eagles, then announced he was going to stay in Eugene. A few weeks later though, he caught the itch and had a “change of heart” and took Philly up on the offer to be their new head coach.

He is set to run one of the most exciting offenses in the NFL with Michael Vick, DeSean Jackson, and LeSean McCoy running all over the field in what I’m assuming will be an “Annexation of Puerto Rico” style of game. Hey it was successful for Danny O’Shea and his Little Giants, so why not give it a shot?

I don’t like Derek Jeter at all and I hate the Yankees more than Brett Favre hates retiring, but I respect Jeter tremendously because he has stuck with the team that brought him up through the minor league ranks. Maybe it was the five World Series rings and millions of dollars the Yankees have thrown at him, but it still doesn’t change the fact that you don’t see that type of loyalty out of many professional athletes nowadays.

Look, all I’m really trying to say in this rambling, piss-fueled fire of a rant is this question; how do professional athletes expect fans of their team to be loyal when the athletes themselves are rarely loyal? How can I be expected to spend my hard earned money on a ticket, beer and hotdog to come watch you get PAID to play a game? Why even buy a jersey of your favorite player anymore? Chances are he’ll be gone next season and you’ll be “that guy” wearing around a Tim Couch or Grady Sizemore jersey.

Respect your fans and the legacy of your organization, and don’t just follow the dollar signs.