A Role Model for No One

Photo is courtesy of Getty Images/http://sports.yahoo.com Written by: Curt Ashcraft (@cashcraft740)

Edited by: Matt Shock (@shockwave_music)

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Growing up in our day and age, I thought that nothing would ever surprise me again, but then I realized how wrong I was.  Today it was released that while being interviewed for Sports Illustrated, the topic of baseball controversy and the face of Biogenesis, Alex Rodriguez, told SI that he still wants to be viewed as a role model. Yes folks, you heard me correctly and I honestly wish I were kidding. Of all people in professional baseball, the lying and cheating former golden boy of baseball still wants kids to look up to him as a role model like he hopes his two daughters will. No offense Alex, but I think you threw away your role model card a LONG time ago!


We are all told as kids to be honest, respect your elders and treat others the way you would want to be treated.  We are not told to cheat at our profession and lie on national television to Katie Couric, which I’m pretty sure is a sin within itself, but I digress.  Don’t get me wrong; I understand that there are much worse people out there, (especially athletes like Aaron Hernandez and O.J. Simpson) but the last time I checked, they didn't come out and say that they still wanted people to look up to them.  Parents definitely don’t want their kids to become murders and criminals, but most good parents don’t want their kid to grow up and turn into an arrogant liar and a cheat either.


Major League Baseball has yet to come down on Rodriguez for his connection to the Biogenesis scandal, and in all honesty, I just wish they would get it over with.  I have been over the Braun/Rodriguez/Biogenesis case for weeks, and this “role model” remark is the last straw.  Not only was A-Rod the face of the Yankees, Mariners and Rangers for almost 20 seasons, but also he was the face of baseball.  Rodriguez had the world in his hands and just like that, he ruined it.  You all know that I have no problem with MLB making PED’s legal, but as of right now, they aren’t.  You may want them to be legal, but America’s Pastime still views them as illegal and that makes Rodriguez, along with the other violators out there, a liar and a cheat.


Rodriguez could’ve kept his mouth shut, took his suspension (when it comes) and rode off into the sunset with his millions of dollars and his family, but that didn’t happen.   He has made this into a huge issue, even after already admitting to using steroids during his time with the Texas Rangers, and claim to still want to be a role model. Well guess what Alex; you are the farthest thing from a role model! My parents always told me not to look up to athletes, and in recent years, I completely understand why.  Athletes are people just like you and me, and they make mistakes. I get that.  Some of them don’t even want to be viewed as role models and I get that too, but don’t come out to the media and say that you still want to be a role model after you have ruined your image and disgraced the game that you once said you loved.  My parents did a pretty good job of giving me role models to look up to, and when I am lucky enough to have kids of my own, I will make sure that they know Alex Rodriguez for who he really is.


This Biogenesis issue has completely consumed the game of baseball and I am going to put an end to it.  Alex Rodriguez, if you are reading this, I hope you truly realize what a disgrace you have become to the game and if parents out there are smart enough, they will never allow their kids to look up to you ever again.  I am tired of Biogenesis, Ryan Braun, PED’s and most of all, I am sick of you Alex Rodriguez! You are not a role model, and if anything, you are a disappointment to us all.