Buckeyes Are Pre-Season #2, Good Or Bad?

Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images/http://bleacherreport.com/


Written by: Matt Shock (@shockwave_music)

Edited by: Curt Ashcraft (@cashcraft740)

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Today, the pre-season college football rankings were released, with Ohio State occupying the #2 spot.  Naturally, never to be outdone, the SEC claimed the #1 spot with Alabama.

Now, I’m not at all suggesting that Ohio State should be ranked higher than Alabama.  Frankly, that would be idiotic at this stage of the game.  As much as I hate to admit it, Alabama is the team that we aspire to be.

As stupid as I think pre-season rankings are, they can really be beneficial for a football team.  If you start high, it’s easier to end high.  For example, say the Buckeyes run the table, but so do Alabama and Oregon.  In the chaos of the season, the Buckeyes may drop a position or two, but they won’t fall out of the top ten.

Now, let’s say the Buckeyes run the table and absolutely humiliate their opponents.  I’m talking victories of three touchdowns or more in each game.  They may not overtake Alabama, but they won’t fall out of the #2 spot either.

You think I’m crazy?  Well let’s go about it this way.  Let’s pretend that Ohio State were to start the season in the #10 spot.  With such a weak schedule, it would be virtually impossible for them to surpass all of the SEC teams and make the title game, even though they would be undefeated.

The sad part about these pre-season rankings, but the happy part for us Buckeye fans, is that they tend to rely heavily on the previous season’s performance.  Now this is good news for us because Ohio State ran the table last year.  Not only did it make last year’s title game look stupid with a one-loss team playing for the prize while we sat undefeated watching, but it also set us up beautifully for this season.

Now, here is the important thing to consider.  In order for Ohio State to take advantage of this high starting position, they really need to make every victory count.  They can’t win by a hair over Purdue this year, nor can they squeak out a win over Northwestern.  As Beau Bishop says, we need to gain style points this year.  If we don’t, the undefeated or one-loss SEC team will get in the title game over us.

As dumb as these pre-season rankings are, they may be the very thing that helps the Buckeyes compete for a title this year.  If we had the rankings mountain to climb, we wouldn’t stand a chance.

What say you?  Do you agree?  If not #2, where do you think the Buckeyes should be ranked right now?  Let us know!