Donovan McNabb: Gamer Or Hall Of Famer?

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Written by: Matt Shock (@shockwave_music)

Edited by: Curt Ashcraft (@cashcraft740)

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This week, in what has become a common trend these days, Donovan McNabb announced his retirement as a Philadelphia Eagle, his original team.  It was good to see him back with his old team and it gave me a warm & fuzzy feeling inside.

I first heard this announcement on Mike and Mike, who were quick to begin debating whether or not McNabb had a Hall of Fame career.  Now, I do not profess to have even a fraction of the sports expertise that either of these gentlemen displays on a daily basis, so I’m not going to sit here and break down all the numbers or McNabb’s career.  I’m just going to react to this debate as a fan and give my personal opinion.

Is Donovan McNabb a Hall of Fame quarterback?  No.

As a fan, I think the things that keep McNabb out of Canton, OH are his last few years in the league.  I understand that many quarterbacks played for other teams at the end of their careers and still made the hall of fame.  But those guys were different because they had reasonable success when their scenery changed.

Brett Favre had a decent year in New York before he went to Minnesota and had a great year.  His final year with the Vikings wasn’t that great, but it was only one year.  He’s not in the Hall of Fame yet, but we all know that he will be.  Joe Montana played very well in Kansas City after being replaced by Steve Young in San Francisco.  Both of these guys, to me, represent what a Hall of Fame quarterback should be (minus the hem hawing back and fourth about retirement by Favre).

McNabb’s final years didn’t look like that.  McNabb couldn’t stay on the field and played horribly when he was on the field.  It seemed that everyone but McNabb himself knew that it was time to hang up the cleats.

That’s not a good final impression to leave on people if you expect to make the Hall of Fame.

I understand that numbers, not impressions, are what put you in the Hall of Fame, and maybe McNabb makes it in when his time comes.  But as a fan, I can’t honestly say that he was a Hall of Fame caliber quarterback.

But that’s about enough out of me.  What say all of you out there?  Should Donovan McNabb be in the Hall of Fame?

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