Manziel Awakens Dark Memories For Buckeye Fans

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Written by: Matt Shock (@shockwave_music)

Edited by: Curt Ashcraft (@cashcraft740)

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Well ladies and gentlemen, we find Johnny Manziel in the headlines again, this time for allegedly being paid to sign autographs.  Hmmm…exchanging football related items for cash…sound familiar Buckeye fans?

For starters, we here at ‘Our Sports Report’ are not what most consider to be a credible information source (total shocker right?), so I’m going to dispense with the gentlemanly kindness of saying that Manziel “allegedly” did this.  I’m a fan; he’s a spoiled little turd, HE DID IT!  Now that we have that out of the way, let’s move on.

Apparently, there are reports being floated around out that Manziel was signing autographs around the time of the BCS title game.  The catch is that Manziel was getting paid for those autographs and even at some point was communicating to the autograph broker that he was no longer doing this for free.

Let’s be real for a moment, it’s been one thing after another with this punk so does he deserve the benefit of the doubt at this point? Absolutely not!

Now, we shall see what consequences Manziel will face if the NCAA can manage to prove what we already know.  It better be a suspension equal to what Terrelle Pryor and the other “Tat Gate” players faced a couple of years ago.

Other thoughts came rushing back to me as I followed this story today.  The foremost thought being that the whole argument for paying college football players is pretty well shot at this point.  The sports writers and radio hosts are quick to argue that many of these players are struggling to get by since football prevents them from working regular jobs during college, so therefore they should be paid.  They also argue that these players need to be paid because many of them come from broken homes, making it impossible for their parents to send them money and help with expenses.  Apparently you are only motivated to break rules and get ahead when you are broke…yeah right!

While both of these arguments certainly pull at the heartstrings of the fans, let’s not forget what compensation these guys are already receiving for their services…a FREE college education!  Now let’s do a little quick math here.  I went to Ohio State for four years and Mount Vernon Nazarene University for two years of graduate work.  I lived at home for the duration of that time to avoid room and board expenses.  All told, I finished college with roughly $50,000 in student debt.  Now, the average cost of going to school with room and board is much higher…depending on the school.  In the case of Ohio State…you’re looking at around $35,000/year…so that’s roughly $140,000 for playing football, not counting all the free clothing, equipment, team meals, etc. etc. etc.

Apparently, if you come from a broken home, that amount of money isn’t enough to deter you from going outside the system for more cash.  Well, in this case, neither does coming from a good home.  What it comes down to it, all of these guys have huge egos and more will never be enough.  It doesn’t matter how much money these guys have access to, they will always want more because it fuels a lifestyle that they think they’re entitled to.

One thing is for certain; I don’t think we’re going to see the Texas A&M Athletic Director defending Johnny Manziel like Gene Smith did the OSU “Tat Gate” players.  We all remember the line of BS that Smith force fed to Buckeye fans, attempting to convince us that getting tattoos was somehow helping their families back home.  From what I’ve read, I’m pretty sure Johnny Football’s parents have everything covered back at home…so why did he need more money?  You all know the answer…and paying him a stipend wouldn’t have prevented it either.