Proven vs. Potential: Johnny Manziel or Braxton Miller?

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Well ladies & gentlemen, the time is almost here. We have finally entered the month of August and high school, college and professional football is in the air.  I love all levels of football, but without a question, college football is my favorite.  As we look forward to the 2013 NCAA Football season, one can’t help but get excited and intrigued. While most eyes may be on the perennial powerhouse in the Alabama Crimson Tide, two of the most intriguing teams entering this season have to be the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Texas A&M Aggies.  Both are ranked in the Top 10, both are title contenders, and most of all, both the Buckeyes and the Aggies have Heisman hopefuls under center.


The Buckeyes will be rolling with their third-year quarterback in Braxton Miller who helped lead the Scarlet and Gray to a 12-0 season in 2012, who were unable to play in a bowl game due to the NCAA Bowl Ban (you all have heard plenty about that, so I’ll do us all a favor and move on).  Miller threw for over 2,000 yards, ran for nearly 1,300 yards and combined for a total of 28 touchdowns.  While he was absolutely dynamite with his legs, Miller’s passing game showed improvement from 2011, but still left plenty to be desired for 2013.


On the other side of the spectrum, the Aggies will be lead by their sophomore quarterback and reigning Heisman Trophy winner, Johnny Manziel.  Manziel took college football by storm last season as a freshman throwing for over 3,700 yards, gaining over 1,400 yards on the ground, combined for 47 total trips to the end zone and even lead A&M to a 41-13 Cotton Bowl victory over the Oklahoma Sooners.  Not a bad resume, huh?  As exciting as Manziel is on the field, this kid has caused an uproar off the field as well.  Sitting court-side at NBA games, “allegedly” violating NCAA rules by signing autographs for profit and my personal favorite, having a complete melt down on Twitter over a PARKING TICKET!


It is obvious that both Manziel and Miller have their talented upsides as well as their downsides, but if you had to pick, who would be your quarterback? After putting some thought into it, it would make sense to be distracted by Manziel’s amazing numbers and Heisman Trophy, but I would still have to go with Braxton.  Manziel was able to do some unbelievable things last year for the Aggies and even though he is roughly the same age as Miller with equal the amount of potential, Braxton is years ahead of Johnny in the “grown up” department.


Some of you may not care how your players act off the field as long as they perform well on the field, but that isn’t me.  Ever since winning the Heisman, Manziel has frequently showed his spoiled brat attitude by complaining to the media, “sleeping in” at the Manning football camp and apparently making a few bucks on the side as well.  The fame and fortune has ruined Manziel and I can only imagine what kind of monster it will turn him into this coming season.  While Manziel gives the media plenty to talk about, Miller just doesn’t.  He seems to only tweet about how beautiful of a day it is or how blessed he is to be a Buckeye, and is always very professional, proper and funny in his interviews.  I believe that some of that falls on the teachings of Mr. Urban Meyer, but at the same time, it seems that Miller is just happy to be here. He doesn’t find himself in trouble and knows that as the quarterback of the Ohio State Buckeyes, he is held to a higher standard.  Apparently Johnny Football didn’t get that memo.  Maybe Miller has us all fooled, but from what I have seen so far, his behavior in public is making laps around that of Manziel's. As important as it is to be a talent on the field, carrying yourself the same way off the field is just as important, and due to that philosophy, I’ll take Braxton Miller any day.


I took Braxton Miller for this year in college football, but you may not. Would you rather have Braxton Miller or Johnny Manziel as your quarterback for 2013? Let us know who your QB to be would be.

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