This Week In Sports 8-17-2013

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Welcome ladies and gentlemen to "This Week In Sports", where we at 'Our Sports Report' give our fan reaction to the week's major sports headlines.

• Major League Baseball is poised to adopt instant replay...finally.  Apparently a vote will take place involving the owners of every team this November.  If replay get's 75% support among the owners, it will be adopted for the 2014 season.  Baseball experts say the system will need to be tweaked to be successful, but as a fan, I'm just glad to finally see baseball step into the 21st century.

• In other baseball news, Alex Rodriguez is no longer just a liar, a cheat, and a jerk...he can now add world class snitch to his sketchy MLB résumé.  I don't know about you all, but the news that Rodriguez ratted out Ryan Braun was kind of amusing to me.  But the fact that he also ratted out a fellow Yankee put me over the edge.  A-Rod is a big old turd.  He should quickly be banned from baseball permanently at this point.  Enough is enough.

• Much to the dismay of everyone, the Browns are 2-0 in preseason play.  Now I'm not one to put much weight in preseason results, since the Browns beat the Packers in the preseason after the Packers won the Super Bowl, but it's nice to see Brandon Weeden showing some promise at the quarterback position. I'm not sold on Weeden being the future for Cleveland, but he could at least be a solid stop gap for the team while they build up the rest of the roster.  For what it's worth, Bernie Kosar isn't making fun of him yet.

• Charlie Manuel wasn't "fired" by the Phillies, they just made a change in the managerial department.  The problem is that he's the only one in that department.  Cubs' legend Ryne Sandberg will finish out the season as Philadelphia's interim manager in hopes of filling the job permanently next season.  As a Cubs fan, this begs one question: would Sandberg have done any worse of a job in Chicago than Dale Sveum?  At least the fans would have something to be happy about besides the temperature of their beers.

• The Ohio State Buckeyes are ranked #2 in the first AP polls of the season.  All they need now is an undefeated season to put them in the title game.  I think they can pull it off.

• Bradley Roby and Rod Smith will both miss Ohio State's opener against Buffalo.  The charges against Roby were reduced to disorderly conduct.  Meyer said that he is suspended because there was an incident after all and that the suspension could increase pending the final results of the legal situation.  Rod Smith is suspended because of an unspecified incident back in February.  Coach Meyer said that if Smith hadn't screwed up, he'd be the opening day starter at halfback.  As a fan, I'm glad to see these situations finally being put to rest as the season draws near.  It's time to focus on football for these guys, not their legal situation.  Full steam ahead into the Crimson Tide I say.  Go Bucks!

There you have it folks, the first print edition of This Week In Sports on 'Our Sports Report'.  What major headlines did we miss?  What are your thoughts?  Let us know!