The Bean Ball Strike's Again!

Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images/ Written by: Matt Shock (@shockwave_music)

Edited by: Curt Ashcraft (@cashcraft740)

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These days, nothing more resembles a playground cat fight than the brouhaha that ensues when an MLB batter is hit by a pitch.  It usually goes something like this, "here's the wind up, the pitch, oh and the young man plunked him.  The batter's looking out at the pitcher in disbelief, the benches have cleared, and the bullpens will be on the scene in a few minutes, after all they're not used to running that far.  My oh my is the manager upset, he's giving the home plate umpire an earful and apparently he's had enough as he gave the manager the heave-ho.  He'll watch the rest of this game from the showers."

If that didn't make you chuckle, read it back to yourself doing your best Ernie Harwell or Vin Scully impression. It'll blow your mind!

Anyhow, notice how nothing ever really happens here.  Nobody ever gets punched out, nobody gets hurt.  The two teams just yell at each other as if it's the tranny episode of Maury and the offending pitcher is usually tossed.

In Sunday night's game between the Yankees and the Red Sox, the pitcher didn't even get tossed!  Although for Boston, a tossing may have been beneficial.

Basically, Ryan Dempster was sending a message to Alex Rodriguez.  A-Rod didn't get beaned for using steroids.  If that we're the case, pitchers would've been hitting him for years now!  No, Rodriguez got drilled by a 92 mph fastball because he ratted out fellow baseball players.  I venture to say that the same thing would've happened to Jose Canseco had he written "Juiced" a little earlier.

Bottom line, this was the baseball equivalent of a mob hit, and I love it!  Dempster sent a message, if you rat out the family, you will pay.

Now obviously nobody is being killed here, but A-Rod has angered many members of the players union with his recent stupidity.  The fact that he's going to get beaned a few times shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.

As a bonus, the Yankees-Bosox rivalry is definitely back on!  Let the games begin!