Believe it Folks! Scully Set to Return for 65th Season

Photo is courtesy of Written by: Curt Ashcraft (@cashcraft740)

Edited by: Matt Shock (@shockwave_music)

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It seems that some things in life will never change.  Grandma’s food will always be the best, the Cleveland Browns will always disappoint, and if you’ve grown up a Dodgers fan, Vin Scully has always been behind the mic.  A few days ago, the Los Angeles Dodgers organization announced that the icon himself, Vin Scully, would be returning for the 2014 season as the “Voice of the Dodgers”.  The 85 year-old has spent 65 years with the Dodgers organization and coming from a fellow broadcaster, not only do you respect him for coming back every season, but you look up to him for being the very best.


Growing up as an aspiring sports broadcaster, I spent most of my time watching Marv Albert doing the NBA Finals, Bob Costas announcing the Olympics, and especially, Tom Hamilton calling games for my Cleveland Indians.  Each of those names holds a special place in my heart as some of the best, but none of them will ever come close to Vin Scully.  I first heard Scully on a replay of his famous Kirk Gibson home run call and to this day, nobody else could capture that moment like Scully did.  After that, I made it a point to listen to Scully online as much as I could, and even though it wasn’t often enough, he always had me hooked as soon as I tuned in.


Just like any good broadcaster, Scully has the ability to paint a picture of the game and have it come out like he is telling you a story. Before you know it, the top of the 9th inning is upon us and it felt like you just turned on the game.  There are some amazing broadcasters out there and even though they may be successful at their craft, it all started with the likes of Scully. Being able to hone your excitement on an extra-innings home run call and not make it sound like static takes real talent, and Scully is a pioneer of that skill.  I’ve learned that egos make up some of the broadcasting field, but when it comes to Vin Scully, egos no longer apply, as the majority believes in the best.


We all know that one day there may be another face in the Dodgers broadcast booth, but having Vin Scully back for one more year just seems right.  The broadcasting & baseball community looks up to Scully as a legend, hero, teacher and a friend, and let’s be honest, baseball wouldn’t be baseball if Scully didn’t spend at least one more season in the sun.