Our Sports Report Literary Review: The Entitled – Frank Deford

Courtesy of http://www.npr.org/


Written by: Matt Shock (@shockwave_music)

Edited by: Curt Ashcraft (@cashcraft740)

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From time to time the good fellas here at Our Sports Report like to put down our pens and take in the literary musings of others.  In this case my attention fell to The Entitled, authored by NPR’s Frank Deford, which focuses on a fictional story based around the Cleveland Indians.

Frank Deford tells the story of a scandal involving the team’s star player (Jay Alcazar) through the eyes of the team’s grizzled manager (Howie Traveler) who is himself about to be fired.  In doing this the author creates the interesting dynamic of following two characters, each with their own current situation and concurrently their own background story.  While this may sound difficult to follow, the book makes for a very easy and enjoyable read, with plenty of surprises and plot twists along the way.

One big positive about this book is that Deford keeps the chapters nice and short.  I don’t know about you, but when I read books I absolutely hate to stop in the middle of a chapter.  The only thing I hate more than stopping in the middle of a chapter is when an author decides to write chapters that could be individual novels themselves.  My life and my personality don’t give me the time and concentration to sit around for hours just to finish a chapter.  So this book, with chapters that take up ten pages at most, fits me very well.

Another great thing about this book is the way Deford tells the story.  Sure, like any baseball story, the clichés abound.  However, in this case, the author makes the clichés feel fresh and alive, telling the story in such a way as to make you feel like you’re sitting next to the players in the dugout or in the clubhouse.

I would recommend this book to baseball fans everywhere, especially Cleveland Indians fans.  While this is a story that could have been based on any big league team (and has probably taken place with every big league team), I think using Cleveland gives this story a more relatable tone.  Baseball fans are tired of the Yankees and the Red Sox, if not because of those teams’ successes, but because of the amount of press they receive.  Finally, Frank Deford takes us into the sanctum of the little guy and opens our eyes to the inner workings of America’s Pastime.

This book can still be found on Amazon if you would like to pick up a copy for your personal library.  If you read it, or have read it, kindly give us your thoughts in the comments section below.  We’d love to hear from you!  Until then, happy reading.