For the Cleveland Browns, It’s Time

Photo by Tony Dejak/AP Photo/ Written by: Matt Shock (@shockwave_music)

Edited by: Curt Ashcraft (@cashcraft740)

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This week was a painful week for Cleveland Browns fans.  They watched their team drop what should’ve been an easy game to the Pittsburgh Steelers.  They watched as another quarterback that was starting to play well go down with an injury, this time in the form of a concussion for Jason Campbell.  As a result of the Campbell injury, they also watched first-round pick Brandon Weeden prove beyond a shadow of a doubt just how big of a bust he really is.

The Browns are at a delicate point right now.  Last week, they played the Bengals for a shot at the first place spot in the division.  This week, they played to bury a division rival in the standings.  The problem is that they didn’t get it done in either situation and they now sit in last place in the AFC North.  Right now, they have two choices:  sign a free-agent quarterback and try to make a run at the playoffs or mail it in and work on improving their position in the upcoming NFL draft.

In a previous post, I discussed the options that the Browns legitimately have at the quarterback position.  At this point, I think it’s pretty fair to assume a couple of things.  One, that Jason Campbell will not be a Cleveland Brown next year.  Two, that Brandon Weeden will be nothing more than a backup, if he’s even in a Browns uniform at all next season.  It’s also safe to assume that Brian Hoyer, as good as he looked before getting hurt, is probably nothing more than a backup caliber quarterback.  Bottom line, it’s time for the Browns to move on from their current group of quarterbacks.

The Browns, depending on how badly they finish the season, are poised to have a pretty sweet position in the first round of the 2014 NFL draft.  They already own the Colts’ first-round pick from the Trent Richardson trade, and if they continue to play badly they should have a top ten pick as well.  This opens them up to making some really good moves to sure up their roster.

Like I mentioned in the older post, I don’t want them to take a quarterback in the first round.  I do think that drafting a big time offensive lineman or defensive lineman with their first pick is a solid move.  Then, with the pick they will receive from the Colts (which should be late in the first round) they should consider a running back…and by a running back I mean Carlos Hyde.  I’m not a fan of taking running backs early in the first round because they cost way too much money for the benefit they give you.  However, late first round money is very different than early first round money, so I say go ahead and make the gamble late.  Carlos Hyde should prove to be a beast of an NFL running back, provided he stays healthy and keeps hanging on to the football.

Once the second round hits, the Browns should jump on Tajh Boyd as quickly as possible.  Like I said before, Tajh Boyd may not work out in the NFL, but at least you didn’t burn first round money on him if he flames out and becomes the team’s backup.  However, if he ends up being your franchise quarterback that leads you to the first Super Bowl title in team history, you look like a genius.

Lastly, in the very latest rounds of the NFL draft, I personally feel that the Browns should consider picking up Kenny Guiton.  I’m not going to sit here and say that Guiton should be on any team’s radar as the future of their quarterback position.  But I will sit here and say that Kenny Guiton has shown that he has the arm, the brain, and the work ethic to make a solid living as a backup quarterback in the NFL.  Draft him late and sign him on the cheap, because he will be a quality investment for your team.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for the Browns.  It’s time for the Browns to move on.  It’s time for the Browns to cut ties with their stupid ways of the past.  It’s time for the Browns to move their eyes to the future and finish what they started with building this team.  It’s not like the Browns are the Cubs.  The Browns have legitimate weapons on this team and are only a solid draft away from fielding a solid, consistently winning team.