Chief Wahoo’s Future is Less and Less Sure

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Written by: Matt Shock (@shockwave_music)

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It was announced Wednesday, by the good fella’s over at, that the Cleveland Indians will be using the block-C as their primary logo and that Chief Wahoo will now become the secondary logo.  I remember a few seasons ago, when the Tribe tried to silence the PC Police, that the team started wearing hats with a script-I on it:

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If you ask me, that was not one of the team’s better uni-related moments…because that sucker is ugly.

Anyhow, how did we not see this coming?  With all the crap that has flown through the air lately about the Washington Redskins, you had to know that either the focus would turn to Cleveland soon enough or that the team would try to make moves in advance to avoid the storm.

Seemingly, the Cleveland Indians have decided to go with the second option.  According to Uni-Watch, Chief Wahoo will remain on the sleeves of all the jerseys and the home hat…at least for the 2014 season.  If I were a betting man, I would bet that Chief Wahoo will be officially gone for the 2015 season.

Now to me, this whole thing seems a little bit pointless.

** DISCLAIMER – I am fully aware that as a white male, pretty much everything I say at this point will be considered racist.  This is sad, but true.  Just do me a favor and actually read this before you label me. **

What good does removing the logo really do?  Are we to assume that it is any less offensive to have a team named after an ethnic group, so long as a caricatured picture of them doesn’t appear on their uniform?  I hardly think so.

Don’t believe me?  Well let’s spin this around a little bit.  If the Cleveland Indians were in fact the Cleveland African Americans and used Cleveland Brown from Family Guy as their logo, do you think anybody would be pissed off about it?  Better yet, do you think that they could keep their name as long as they dropped the logo?  Absolutely not!  This country would go bat crap crazy over something like that, the media would be swarming Jacob’s Field (excuse me…Progressive Field), and the NAACP would lawyer up within minutes…and rightly so.

Honestly, my thought is simply this: if you’re going to change, then make a complete change.  If you’re not interested in changing, then stand your ground.  Don’t just waffle in the middle like this.

If we’re being real with one another, I’m pretty sure we can admit that the Cleveland Indians could care less about whether or not they are offending anyone.  The only reason they’re making any changes at all is to avoid a PR hit that will eventually cost them money.  Of course, the only reason they’re not dumping Chief Wahoo altogether (at least at this point) is because they know the amount of money they make off all us apparently racist white guys that love him (yeah…I went there…sarcastically of course).  You can’t fault them for wanting to make money, the team is in fact a business after all, but the Cleveland Indians are playing a balancing act by trying to make everyone happy and it’s all going to come crashing down at some point.

So what are the Cleveland Indians to do when they are finally forced to completely rebrand? (This reminds me of the Winston Churchill thing…we’ve already determined what you are; now we’re just settling in on your price).  Anyway, if the Tribe completely re-brands, I suggest that they travel back in time to 1887 and resurrect the Cleveland Spiders.

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What’s not to love about that uniform?  Wow!  I might even save up the money to change the stadium name back to League Park.

Sure, not everyone will like the name, but at least the only people it will piss off are those that hate Spiders.

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