Super Bowl Pick ’Em: Denver Broncos vs. Seattle Seahawks

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From day one, 'Our Sports Report' has been a fan’s perspective for all of you sports fans out there. None of us claim to be experts, but all of us are definitely fans.  Due to our motto, it would only make sense that we give you our take on the biggest game for all fans alike, the Super Bowl.


Every so often, the Super Bowl will feature at least one team that got hot at the end of the season and rode that high all the way to the big game, but that is not the case for Super Bowl XLVIII.  At the beginning of the season, the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks looked to be the two best teams in the league, and they have not disappointed. Both Denver and Seattle finished the regular season at 13-3 and while the Broncos have beat teams early behind Peyton Manning and their high-octane offense, the Seahawks have controlled each game with the confidence of Richard Sherman and their stellar defense.


I know, the Manning vs. Sherman match-up is all we have been hearing about for the last two weeks and even though it may be getting a little old, it’s publicity is relevant for a reason.  Putting the best quarterback in the game against the best corner around is what we all want to see and what sells.  Heck, watching those two compete against each other will be a prizefight within itself.  Even though Manning and Sherman are getting all the talk, each team has at least one other guy that I would keep my eye on to change the game.


Denver Broncos: Knowshon Moreno


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After being taken in the first round of the 2009 NFL Draft by the Broncos, Moreno could never really live up to his potential. In his first four years, Moreno seemed to either be injured or just didn’t have what it took to become a super star NFL running back. However, 2013 went a little different for Moreno as he ran for 1,038 yards, brought in 548 receiving yards and combined for 13 total touchdowns.  This was Moreno’s first 1,000-yard rushing season, and because of that resurgence, the Broncos are much more than a one-dimension team.


There is no doubt that Peyton Manning is the motor that makes Denver run, but Moreno has a lot to do with that as well. For any of you that know football, if you have a running game to compliment the passing game, the defense never knows whom to target.  That is what Moreno has brought to the Broncos this season. As good as Manning is, he is that much better when he has a consistent running back in the backfield. The running game keeps the opposing defense honest and that just allows Manning to do what he does best through the air.  Elway had Terrell Davis and Manning has Moreno. Seems like a can’t miss, right?


Seattle Seahawks: Percy Harvin


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When Percy Harvin was traded this last off-season to the Seattle Seahawks, everybody seemed to be in agreement that this was their championship move. They had the amazing defense, a stud running back in Marshawn Lynch, an up and coming star quarterback in Russell Wilson and now they had a legitimate #1 wide receiver in Harvin.


Everything seemed to go as planned until Harvin sustained a hip injury during the off-season that required surgery. The injury sidelined Harvin until Week 11 when he finally got to suit up against his former team, the Minnesota Vikings, and caught one pass for 17 yards.  Harvin has totaled three catches for 21 yards in the playoffs, but he has spent a majority of the end of the season and the playoffs on the bench with injuries.


Due to his lack of production and injuries this season, you may be wondering why I am even talking about Harvin as a potential x-factor.  The reason for the attention is that we have been hearing more and more out of the Seahawks camp that Harvin is back to full strength and is set to make a huge impact in the Super Bowl.  I will believe it when I see it from a guy with four catches on the season, but if Harvin can play anything like he did in Minnesota, then the Seahawks just got that much better.


This is also a huge impact on the Broncos, because with Harvin only playing in two games all season, Denver doesn’t have much film to study the game changer on.  Sure, they can look back on his film and highlights with the Vikings, but that was a different system, a different team and a different atmosphere. If there is one guy that can change the thoughts of the Super Bowl by just stepping on the field, it is Percy Harvin.


It is pretty obvious that this year’s Super Bowl has the two best teams in the league. You put the best defense against the best offense and you get the Broncos vs. Seahawks.  I like both teams, but I learned a long time ago that you never bet against Peyton Manning so that is why I am going with the Denver Broncos over the Seattle Seahawks at a score of 27-21.  Also, I get a sense from the Broncos that they are going to do whatever it takes to get Champ Bailey a Super Bowl ring after 15 seasons in the league (kind of like Charles Woodson with the Packers a few years ago). Either way you look at it, we are about to see one heck of a football game when the Broncos take on the Seahawks tomorrow night so get your beverages and buffalo chicken dip ready and enjoy the game!

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