Our Sports Report: One Year Down, Many More to Come

OSRLogo1 Written by: Curt Ashcraft (@cashcraft740)

Edited by: Matt Shock (@shockwave_music)

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Well ladies and gentlemen, today is a special day. Not because of the NFL Free Agency market kicking off, but for a much more important reason.  It was one year ago today that a crazy sports-aholic (me) created ‘Our Sports Report’ while sitting in a bowling alley with some friends. I had just finished my television gig as a sports reporter during basketball season and I needed my sports fix again. I always enjoyed talking about sports and announcing them, so why not give writing a try.


For the first couple of months, it was just me and my trusty editor, Tommy Parrill, who I still cannot thank enough for all of his help.  I was publishing about one blog per day covering anything from the latest sports news to who the most hated baseball player was.  Things were going great, and then over the next couple of months, they got even better.


Around the beginning of May, a gentleman that I went to high school with named Matt Shock contacted me about wanting to write for the blog. Since I had been trying to promote that I was looking for other writers, I was happy to oblige. Since the first day that Matt joined ‘Our Sports Report’, he has been nothing short of incredible. He is always looking to help out with a blog post or most importantly, a podcast. Shock never has a problem speaking his mind in his writing style and he is a true example of gifted writer who happens to be passionate about sports.


Another month or so went by and JP Lococo contacted me about covering soccer for the blog.  Since I knew that JP knew his stuff and I was happy to add another writer, the tripod of ‘Our Sports Report’ was born.  JP has been our main man behind the Twitter account and I couldn’t be more thrilled with what he has done with it and the blog in general. JP has been able to find a niche with the loyal soccer community and with the most loyal of all, the Cleveland sports faithful. JP is constantly furthering the realms of our viewership and with him on board; we will only continue to grow.


‘Our Sports Report’ has done some pretty special things in the last year. We have garnered almost 13,000 views, reached over 65 different countries and have even been mentioned on one of the biggest radio stations in the state of Ohio.  ‘Our Sports Report’ even became a favorite within the trapshooting community when we published a memorial piece about a legend of the sport, Leo Harrison III.  The blog was so popular that it has received over 3,700 views, was re-blogged and mentioned by countless trapshooting media outlets and even made its way over to Europe.


This first year has been absolutely amazing folks, but we are far from finished yet. ‘Our Sports Report’ will continue to give you the best sports news from a fans perspective, will keep expanding on its variety of pod-casts, and yes folks, the rumors are true, we will be hosting a Wiffleball Tournament at my home in Fredericktown, Ohio on July 5th called the 2014 ‘Our Sports Report’ Wiffleball Classic.  I’m sure that you are as excited as I am already.


Last but not least, I want to give special thanks to Neil Brown, Josh Overholser, Matt Shock, JP Lococo, Tommy Parrill, David Kruk, Korey Keplinger, Jon Bozeka and most importantly, you the reader for widely supporting ‘Our Sports Report’ and making it what it has become today. On behalf of Matt and JP, I am looking forward to another year of running the best sports blog for the fans, from the fans. Watch out world, we are only getting started!