The 2014 ‘Our Sports Report’ NFL Mock Draft

Photo is courtesy of USATSI/ Written by: Curt Ashcraft (@cashcraft740) & Matt Shock (@shockwave_music)

Edited by: Curt Ashcraft (@cashcraft740) & Matt Shock (@shockwave_music)

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Well ladies and gentlemen; it is that time of year again. Every NFL front office is dissecting scouting reports and every football fan around is anticipating their team’s selection in the NFL Draft. Not only do we here at ‘Our Sports Report’ look forward to the draft every year, but also the different mock drafts that many “experts” release weeks and months before that fateful day.


We here at ‘Our Sports Report’ are in no way experts, but we are all football fans and tend to make our own predictions of which player each team should select. Curt is a Bengals fan and Matt doesn’t hide his Browns allegiance or his hate for Johnny Manziel. So without further ado, Curt Ashcraft and Matt Shock give you the first ever ‘Our Sports Report’ NFL Mock Draft!


 1. Houston Texans

Ashcraft: Jadeveon Clowney South Carolina Pos: DE HT: 6’5” WT: 266

  • There may be some questions about his motor, but there is no doubt that Clowney is the unanimous #1 overall selection. His ability to get to the quarterback is a perfect balance to his quick first step off of the line. Houston may trade this pick, but if they keep it, Clowney will be a Texan.

Shock: Jadeveon Clowney – DE – South Carolina

  • He’s by far the best player in this draft and the Texans need pretty much any talent that they can get…do I really need to say more here?


 2. St. Louis Rams

Ashcraft: Greg Robinson Auburn Pos: OT HT: 6’5” WT: 332

  • The Rams may be tempted to take Sammy Watkins here, but the smart pick is to protect Sam Bradford. Bradford has collected a laundry list of injuries during his time in the NFL and most of them have come from a lack of protection. To preserve their quarterback and their season, Robinson should head to St. Louis.

Shock: Sammy Watkins – WR – Clemson


 3. Jacksonville Jaguars

Ashcraft: Khalil Mack Buffalo Pos: OLB HT: 6’2” WT: 251

  • Some may think the Jaguars need to take a quarterback here, but I am not one of them. Jacksonville needs a disruptive playmaker to light a fire under their lack-luster defense, and Mack is the guy to do it. Offense may be important, but defense is the building block for much bigger things.

Shock: Johnny Manziel – QB – Texas A&M

  • The cupboard is pretty much bare down in Jacksonville, and if the Jags pick this guy, there’s a very good chance that he’ll be living in London in a few years. This is as close to deportation as I can get for Johnny Manziel, so can we please make this happen?


 4. Cleveland Browns

Ashcraft: Sammy Watkins Clemson Pos: WR HT: 6’0” WT: 211

  • There is talk of a quarterback with this pick, but I’d rather see the Browns sure up their offense before they draft their play caller of the future. Sammy Watkins may be the closest thing to a “can’t miss” in this draft and if you pair him up with Josh Gordon, that makes for a deadly one-two punch in the 216!

Shock: Greg Robinson – OT – Auburn

  • The Browns need quarterback protection no matter what direction they go at that position, so drafting the best available offensive lineman is probably a better idea than drafting Johnny Manziel. Also, if I get my wish, the Jaguars will have already taken that dipstick off the board, allowing the Browns to look moderately intelligent for at least a little bit.


 5. Oakland Raiders

Ashcraft: Jake Matthews Texas A&M Pos: OT HT: 6’5” WT: 308

  • For years the offensive line in Oakland has been less than spectacular, but with Matt Schaub in town looking to revive his career, it wouldn’t hurt to give him some protection. Matthews made Manziel’s life easy for two years in College Station, so why not do the same for Schaub in Oakland? Solid pick.

Shock: Jake Matthews – OT – Texas A&M

  • I waffled back and forth between having Cleveland pick Matthews or Robinson. Robinson has received slightly better reviews, so I went with him. The Browns would do well to draft either one.


6. Atlanta Falcons

Ashcraft: Taylor Lewan Michigan Pos: OT HT: 6’7” WT: 309

  • I have 3 offensive linemen going in the first 6 picks, but that just shows how valuable the offensive line is in the game of football. Just ask Sandra Bullock. Matt Ryan got sacked a ridiculous 44 times last season and that needs to stop. Taylor Lewan may be just as good as Matthews & Robinson so if the Falcons can grab him at #6, that will really help Matty Ice’s behind next season.

Shock: Khalil Mack – OLB – Buffalo


 7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Ashcraft: Mike Evans Texas A&M Pos: WR HT: 6’4” WT: 231

  • With Mike Glennon & Doug Martin, the Buccaneers may be one of the most promising young teams out there. At 6’4”, Evans let Manziel play jackpot because of his insane ability to go up and get the ball. Vincent Jackson has needed some help the last two years, and with Evans, they will have found their answer.

Shock: Mike Evans – WR – Texas A&M


8. Minnesota Vikings

Ashcraft: Blake Bortles University of Central Florida Pos: QB HT: 6’5” WT: 232

  • The Vikings took a risk on Christian Ponder in 2011 and that failure has taught them a lesson. Blake Bortles is the safest pick at quarterback in this draft because he may have some deficiencies, but he has the highest ceiling. Bortles and his strong arm have the potential to be something special and with Mike Zimmer taking the reigns, Bortles just seems like the right fit.

Shock: Teddy Bridgewater – QB – Louisville – Cleveland Browns

(Cleveland trades a 2nd & 4th Rounder to Minnesota for the 8th Selection)

  • As I said, I’m willing to let the Browns make a host of stupid draft moves in order to avoid drafting Johnny Manziel. In this case, I have them trading away a couple of their later draft picks they’ve been stockpiling for the last two years. I think a 2nd and a 4th round pick should do nicely. If they need to trade more picks, fine by me, so long as Johnny Manziel isn’t under center in Cleveland next season.

To be clear, I’m giving the Browns permission to make a really stupid draft move in order to prevent them from making THE stupidest move they could possibly make in drafting Johnny Manziel. Sure, Jimmy Haslam has mentioned that Manziel would put butts in seats, but this is Cleveland and Browns fans, like me, are stupid! We keep showing up no matter how crappy this team is…ALWAYS! Drafting a player to fill seats is a cop-out, it’s basically admitting that you have no chance of being any good (and also that you know jack crap about football), so you’re at least going to give the fans a good show by bringing in some novelty act. Shoot, why not convince Bernie Kosar to make a comeback? That’ll put butts in seats while providing an equally useful solution to your quarterback situation as Johnny Manziel would…and it would be equally as stupid because both will probably be publicly intoxicated for much of the season. Screw you Jimmy Haslam! We Browns fans might be stupid, but we’re a lot smarter than the trucking companies you “allegedly” screwed out of millions of dollars. We recognize pure BS when we see it. So it’s high time that you show us that you have some balls and start making real football moves up there!


 9. Buffalo Bills

Ashcraft: Eric Ebron North Carolina Pos: TE HT: 6’4” WT: 250

  • The football world thought Buffalo was stupid for drafting E.J. Manuel so high last year, but after a fairly successful rookie campaign, Manuel looks to be the future. Offensive tackle is a need in Buffalo, but so is an offensive weapon. Eric Ebron had a tremendous year at North Carolina and he looks to be the real deal. A strong presence at tight end, but the ability to make Sports Center worthy catches could really put the Bills in the right direction.

Shock: Anthony Barr – OLB – UCLA


 10. Detroit Lions

Ashcraft: Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Alabama Pos: FS HT: 6’1” WT: 208

  • Top of the line free safeties are hard to come by in this league, so with as good as Clinton-Dix played at Bama and as bad as Detroit needs one, this seems like a perfect marriage. Clinton-Dix plays with a chip on his shoulder and his coverage skills are pretty exquisite as well. This is a big need for Detroit so I would take him while he is available.

Shock: Justin Gilbert – CB – Oklahoma State


11. Tennessee Titans

Ashcraft: Johnny Manziel Texas A&M Pos: QB HT: 5’11” WT: 207

  • I’m sure you are all scratching your head with confusion so let me explain. Jake Locker has obviously not been the answer and he bores me to death. The Titans need a little spice in their life and with promising young receivers in Kendall Wright and Justin Hunter, the confident young Manziel may be exactly what Nashville needs.

Shock: Blake Bortles – QB – UCF


 12. New York Giants

Ashcraft: Aaron Donald Pittsburgh Pos: DT HT: 6’0” WT: 285

  • With the loss of Justin Tuck in the offseason, the Giants are in dire need of help on the defensive line. After a successful college career, Aaron Donald may be the most proven pick on defense in this draft so if the Giants can land this monster, Eli Manning may be Super Bowl bound once again in the near future.

Shock: Eric Ebron – TE – UNC


 13. St. Louis Rams

Ashcraft: Justin Gilbert Oklahoma State Pos: CB HT: 6’0” WT: 202

  • The Rams really need a wide receiver, but they can’t pass on Gilbert. His size and speed have the potential to match up with some of the best receivers in the game and if St. Louis wants to keep building this team through the draft, Gilbert is a nice cornerstone to build on.

Shock: Bradley Roby – CB – The Ohio State University


14. Chicago Bears

Ashcraft: Timmy Jernigan Florida State Pos: DT HT: 6’1” WT: 299

  • Aaron Donald would be a perfect fit in Chicago, but since he is gone in this mock, Jernigan isn’t much of a drop off. Jernigan manhandled ACC offenses throughout his career and that talent will translate to the next level. This might be a reach, but I think Jernigan is worth the risk.

Shock: Aaron Donald – DT – Pitt


 15. Pittsburgh Steelers

Ashcraft: Darqueze Dennard Michigan State Pos: CB HT: 5’10” WT: 199

  • Some players just seem to be a perfect match for a certain team, and that is the case for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Darqueze Dennard. Dennard is a hard-hitting corner that covers his target as good as anyone in the draft. The Steelers have been looking to get back to smash-mouth football, and Dennard is a good place to start.

Shock: Taylor Lewan – OT – Michigan

  • Now I was very tempted to have the Browns draft this dude at #4 as well. I feel that he’s equally on par with Greg Robinson and Jake Matthews…but he went to Michigan…and we all saw how the last Michigan player in Cleveland worked out. Anyhow…


 16. Dallas Cowboys

Ashcraft: Odell Beckham Jr. Louisiana State Pos: WR HT: 5’11” WT: 198

  • This may not be a popular pick, but more of just picking the best player available. Beckham Jr. has incredible speed and can run by the opposition with ease. The best of Miles Austin has come and gone so pairing Beckham Jr. up with Dez Bryant and Terrance Williams is a dream scenario for Tony Romo.

Shock: HaSean (Ha Ha) Clinton-Dix – FS – Alabama


17. Baltimore Ravens

Ashcraft: Zack Martin Notre Dame Pos: OT HT: 6’4” WT: 308

  • Besides Joe Flacco, the Ravens are in a bit of rebuilding mode. Due to that, the Ravens want to protect their investment and that is on the offensive line. Zack Martin looks to fill in immediately as a starter in Baltimore and for a team that isn’t far away from the NFL pinnacle, Martin seems like the smart pick.

Shock: Kony Ealy – DE/DT – Mizzou

  • The Ravens are really missing Ray Lewis, especially with the hard salary cap. They need defensive help that can produce NOW.


 18. New York Jets

Ashcraft: Brandin Cooks Oregon State Pos: WR HT: 5’9” WT: 189

  • He may be undersized, but it is Cooks’ elite speed and route-running ability that makes him so special. The Jets added their possession man in Eric Decker this offseason and now Cooks fills a void as their slot receiver. Whether it is Geno Smith or Michael Vick under center, Cook will be a special weapon regardless.

Shock: Odell Beckham – WR – LSU

  • Whoever they finally decide to go with at quarterback is going to need some targets to throw to…enter Odell Beckham.


 19. Miami Dolphins

Ashcraft: Morgan Moses Virginia Pos: OT HT: 6’6” WT: 314

  • After the Dolphins went through the Jonathan Martin vs. Richie Incognito mess, Miami is looking to start fresh. With need on the O-line, Morgan Moses is a man among boys. At 6’6”, Moses owns whichever side he is set up on and even though he is from Virginia, the ACC competition he battled is nothing to sneeze at.

Shock: Zack Martin – OT/OG – Notre Dame


 20. Arizona Cardinals

Ashcraft: C.J. Mosley Alabama Pos: ILB HT: 6’2” WT: 234

  • With Karlos Dansby gone, the Cardinals need to think about rebuilding their linebacker core. I like the thought of Derek Carr here, but Mosley makes more sense with his leadership and versatility on the defensive side of the ball.

Shock: Derek Carr – QB – Fresno State


 21. Green Bay Packers

Ashcraft: Ryan Shazier Ohio State Pos: OLB HT: 6’1” WT: 237

  • The Packers are one solid linebacker away from legitimizing their defense once again and Ryan Shazier is that guy. He may be small for the position, but watching this kid over the last 3 years, there is no doubt that he has the “it” factor. Shazier has an incredible nose for the ball and his ability to cover the field with the best of them makes him a game changer.

Shock: Jimmie Ward – FS – Northern Illinois

  • If we’re being honest, the Packers desperately need help in the secondary.


22. Philadelphia Eagles

Ashcraft: Marqise Lee Southern California Pos: WR HT: 5’11” WT: 192

  • After they shipped DeSean Jackson out of town for questionable connections, the Eagles are in the market for a playmaking receiver. He may not be Jackson, but Marqise Lee has the speed and drive to become a potential #1 receiver with the Eagles.

Shock: C.J. Mosley – ILB – Alabama


 23. Kansas City Chiefs

Ashcraft: Kelvin Benjamin Florida State Pos: WR HT: 6’5” WT: 243

  • The Chiefs may already have Dwayne Bowe, but another tall target for Alex Smith isn’t a bad thing. Benjamin may be a project, but so was Alshon Jeffery with the Bears. You can’t teach 6’5” size and his ability to go up and get any ball makes him worth the pick already.

Shock: Brandin Cooks – WR – Oregon State


 24. Cincinnati Bengals

Ashcraft: Kyle Fuller Virginia Tech Pos: CB HT: 5’11” WT: 190

  • If Fuller falls this far, this could be the steal of the draft for the Bengals. Dre Kirkpatrick is riding that thin line of being a bust and Leon Hall can’t seem to stay healthy, so Fuller makes perfect sense. Cincy needs help on the ends, but solidifying the secondary puts the Bengals one step closer to a potential Super Bowl.

Shock: Dee Ford – OLB – Auburn


 25. San Diego Chargers

Ashcraft: Kony Ealy Missouri Pos: DE HT: 6’4” WT: 273

  • The incredible career of Dwight Freeney may not have much left in the tank, so picking a future replacement isn’t a bad idea. Ealy is an incredible athlete that has great speed and strength off the line. Some people may see Anthony Barr here, but Ealy just seems like a better fit.

Shock: Kyle Fuller – CB – Virginia Tech


26. Cleveland Browns

Ashcraft: Teddy Bridgewater Louisville Pos: QB HT: 6’3” WT: 196

  • Many “experts” have Cleveland taking a quarterback at #4, but I don’t. Bridgewater’s draft stock plummeted when he had a shaky pro day and I think that is the best thing that could happen to Cleveland. His intelligence, awareness and arm strength are just as good as anyone and since Brian Hoyer has things wrapped up for at least one more season, it will allow Bridgewater to learn the game even more and only improve on his incredible football IQ.

Shock: Davante Adams – WR – Fresno State

  • As much as I would love to see the Browns take Sammy Watkins and pair him with Josh Gordon, I just don’t think he’ll still be on the board at #4. That said, since Odell Beckham and Brandin Cooks will both be gone by the time the Browns are up again so I think Lavante Adams will be the best receiver left on the board and they should take him. Even if the Browns don’t trade up to take Bridgewater, I still think he’ll be gone at or around #8, so picking up a receiver to help out Josh Gordon is still the smartest thing they could do with this pick.


27. New Orleans Saints

Ashcraft: Anthony Barr UCLA Pos: OLB HT: 6’4” WT: 255

  • The Saints returned to dominance on defense when Rob Ryan (I know, can’t believe I’m saying it either…) came to town and with the offense looking good as ever, a little more help for Ryan is the way to go. Anthony Barr is a tremendous athlete with even better vision. He seems to fall in the hybrid DE/LB role, but with his ability to get to the quarterback, this is a risk-reward situation for the Saints.

Shock: Cody Latimer – WR – Indiana

  • I still think that Lavante Adams is the best choice at #26, but I wouldn’t be offended if the Browns took this guy at #26 instead. If they do, then New Orleans should pick up Adams.


 28. Carolina Panthers

Ashcraft: Cody Latimer Indiana Pos: WR HT: 6’2” WT: 215

  • With Steve Smith now suiting up for the Ravens, the Panthers need a young talented receiver to fill the void. Enter Cody Latimer. Latimer may have not won a lot in Bloomington, but his toughness and ball skills make him an intriguing selection. Some have him going earlier and some even have him in the 2nd round, but if Carolina can grab him at #28, Cam Newton will be jumping for joy.

Shock: Darqueze Dennard – CB – Michigan State


29. New England Patriots

Ashcraft: Ra’Shede Hageman Minnesota Pos: DT HT: 6’5” WT: 310

  • Bill Belichick is known for getting quality talent late in the draft, and this pick will be no different. Hageman is a powerful lineman with quick feet who can stuff up the middle and create havoc. Vince Wilfork & Tommy Kelly aren’t getting any younger so the Golden Gopher is a good selection this late in the first round.

Shock: Morgan Moses – OT – Virginia

  • You have to protect Tom Brady…enough said.


 30. San Francisco 49ers

Ashcraft: Jason Verrett Texas Christian Pos: CB HT: 5’9” WT: 189

  • After last season, it was obvious that the 49ers are a good secondary away from being real contenders. With Carlos Rogers headed to Oakland and Donte Whitner signing with Cleveland, San Francisco needs some help. Verrett only stacks up at 5’9”, but his man-coverage skills and ability to change direction are pretty incredible. Adding Verrett is a good start in solidifying the corner position.

Shock: Allen Robinson – WR – Penn State


 31. Denver Broncos

Ashcraft: Bradley Roby Ohio State Pos: CB HT: 5’11” WT: 192

  • Champ Bailey is gone and if you watched the Super Bowl, the Broncos need help in the secondary. Bradley Roby may scare some teams away with his off the field issues, but that doesn’t take away from the kind of player he is. There are definitely some tweaks that need to be made to his coverage skills, but as a raw talent, Roby has the best bang for the Bronco’s buck.

Shock: Ryan Shazier – ILB – THE Ohio State University


 32. Seattle Seahawks

Ashcraft: Stephon Tuitt Notre Dame Pos: DE HT: 6’5” WT: 304

  • Not that the Seahawks need any more help on defense, but if there is one spot they could get better in, that is at defensive end. Just like Clowney, there are questions about Tuitt’s motor but with what Seattle has been able to do with guys like Bobby Wagner and Richard Sherman, you can only imagine what they can get out of an already proven athlete. Tuitt may take some work, but it seems that Seattle thrives off of those kind of players.

Shock: Dominique Easley – DT – Florida

  • Notes: I wouldn’t be offended if the Browns took Carlos Hyde or Kenny Guiton in later rounds in the draft. Namely, they should take Hyde no earlier than round 3 and Guiton no earlier than round 7. Also, if they could steal Jack Mewhort somewhere in there as well, that wouldn’t be a bad idea either. As a Buckeye fan, I feel I need to mention these guys…it just seems wrong not to do so.


And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, the first ever ‘Our Sports Report’ NFL Mock Draft is completed! Shock and Ashcraft definitely had their differences with certain picks, but both are on the same page with what each team needs. Please leave us your comments and let us know if you agree with our picks or whom you would draft instead. Regardless of the outcome, the NFL Draft is a must-watch spectacle every year and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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