“De-Chiefing” Your Indians Gear? Really?

Photo is courtesy of http://www.davidbernie.com/ Written by: Matt Shock (@shockwave_music)

Edited by: Curt Ashcraft (@cashcraft740)

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As many of you know, I am a regular reader of the blog over at uni-watch.com. If you’re a uniform nerd like me, there is no better place to read up on the stylistic happenings in virtually every sport known to humanity.

While browsing the site about a month ago, I came across this group of people that are “de-chiefing” their Cleveland Indians gear. Apparently, this is a trend that is catching on (it even has a twitter handle…@DeChiefWahoo), but like all trends, this one seems to be pretty pointless.

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Now, I’ve written about the topic of Chief Wahoo on Our Sports Report before and you can find those writings here. I clearly agree with moving on from the chief (as long as you completely move on and don’t waffle back and forth like the team is doing right now), so I’m not going to sit here and act like I’m blindly backing the chief just because I think these “de-chief-ers” are a little silly. But I will sit here and point out that they are wasting their time…and money.

The problem with the whole “de-chiefing” movement is this: unless you bought your Indians gear from a yard-sale, flea market, or thrift store, the money you paid for the gear still went to a team that is still using the logo you seem to hate…and let’s not forget…the team is still using a racist name! Nobody is going to let the Washington Redskins keep their name if they only lose the logo, are they? Certainly not!

Now sure, maybe you bought the gear and then had a change of heart (several “de-chief-ers” claim this stance) and have since then sworn to never purchase another piece of Wahoo bedizened clothing ever again. Good for you, my rant is not directed in your general direction, at least not my full rant…you can skip to the last paragraph.

No, my problem is with you people who buy the gear directly from the team, knowing full well that you plan to rip the logo off and walk around showing off your Wahoo scar. What good did you really accomplish with this action? All you did was put a big sign on your forehead or sleeve that says, “I’m a giant douche.” Your money still went to support the team, and in a direct sense supported the further use of Chief Wahoo. Did you really not think that one through? Sure your end goal might be noble (and one that I’m fine with), but your method in getting there is seriously flawed…and I’ll explain why.

Sports teams don’t sell stuff in their team shops because they care about being politically correct. They sell stuff to make money. You see, there is no accounting software out there that measures whether or not a hat or shirt is altered once it leaves the store. No, it measures how many Chief Wahoo hats, shirts, jerseys, golf balls, socks, dog collars, etc. were sold, and if those items keep selling like hot cakes…old Chief Wahoo isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

You really want Chief Wahoo to disappear? Then you have to hit the Cleveland Indians where it counts…in their wallet. Quit buying the gear and quit going to the games until you get the change you want. (Wait…I forgot…this is Cleveland…you freakin’ people don’t show up to the games anyways.) Quit wasting your time and energy by defacing a perfectly good hat or jersey. Until you make Chief Wahoo a large enough financial liability for the team, Chief Wahoo is here to stay.

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