NBA On Hold Until LeBron Makes Decision

Photo is courtesy of Written by: Curt Ashcraft (@cashcraft740)

Edited by: Neil Brown (@downtowneil)

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It truly amazes me how one person can control the future landscape of their sport based on one decision. Football or baseball doesn’t really have that one person, but basketball does and his name is LeBron James. When LeBron opted out of his contract with the Miami Heat just a couple of weeks ago, the speculation started to grow and is now shear madness. From the “Big 3” returning to Miami to LeBron joining Melo in New York and even the King coming home to Cleveland, this latest decision for LeBron is putting the NBA on hold and has ever free agent out there sitting on the edge of their seat.


The Cleveland Cavaliers made a significant salary-cap move today as they unloaded Jarrett Jack & Sergey Karasev on the Brooklyn Nets while Tyler Zeller and a protected first round pick for 2016 headed to the Boston Celtics. Wiggins, Irving, Waiters, Bennett and Thompson (all Top-5 Picks in the last four years) still call Cleveland home and they now have enough cap space to bring James back to Cleveland. There are other big time free agents available like Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Pau Gasol and Trevor Ariza, but they are all waiting to see what LeBron ends up doing.


Bosh may go to Houston, Anthony could be headed to L.A., Gasol might take his talents to Oklahoma City and for goodness sake, there is a chance that Wade becomes a Milwaukee Buck. All of these rumors are nice to think about, but none of us really know. No one will truly know what happens with these players until LeBron makes his decision, and just like their future, nobody really knows where LeBron is headed either.


A few months back, I stated that the only person in control of LeBron is LeBron. Besides having the NBA in the palm of his hand, LeBron has made it clear that he will do what is best for his career, his future and most importantly, his family. Something tells me that LeBron actually made his decision a few weeks ago, but if teams were trying to court you to their team again, wouldn’t you want to listen?


If the “experts” are correct, LeBron’s decision will come by the end of the week and his top choices are down to Miami and Cleveland. I personally don’t know LeBron or anybody close to him for that matter, but with what Miami and Cleveland pull off today, I have a feeling that it will make LeBron’s decision that much easier. The Cavaliers made the first move as they cleared the cap space to bring LeBron home and now it is Pat Riley’s turn. At around 3 PM PST tonight, LeBron will meet with Pat Riley in Las Vegas to hear what he has to say. Riley is one of the best salesmen the NBA has ever seen, but will his words be enough to bring LeBron back to Miami? The best and worst part of it all is that nobody really knows.


LeBron James could probably announce his decision today, but he won’t. LeBron is a businessman and he is willing to take all the time he needs to make the right choice. It may seem a bit much to say LeBron has complete power over the NBA, but since LeBron’s choice is effecting the future destinations of Bosh, Wade and Melo, wouldn’t you call that complete power and control as well?

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