Why the Rams Should Finally Move On from Sam Bradford

Photo by David Richard/AP/http://www.greenwichtime.com/ Written by: Curt Ashcraft (@cashcraft740)

Edited by: Matt Shock (@shockwave_music)

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Any time that a team drafts a player #1 overall, there is usually a lot of faith & patience involved. The team doesn’t expect the athlete to set the world on fire in their first season, but after four or five years, it is about time that they begin to turn the corner. The St. Louis Rams found themselves in a tough situation as the 2014 season approached, but after their top pick from 2010 just went down…again…with another season-ending injury, the Rams may finally be in the position to move forward.


In this past Saturday’s pre-season game against the Cleveland Browns, former #1 overall selection, Sam Bradford, tore the ACL on his left knee for the second time in two years. The quarterback product out of Oklahoma would’ve been entering his fifth year in the league and coincidently the final year of his rookie contract, but after ending his season on a seemingly average tackle, Bradford’s time with the Rams could be coming to an end as well.


There has always been a good number of buzz surrounding the former Sooner, and honestly, I never understood why. The Rams and others have always gave him the benefit of the doubt saying that his potential is through the roof, but for a guy that has only combined for just over 11,000 passing yards in his first four seasons, only cracked 20 passing touchdowns in one lone season and will now miss 6 or more games in three of his first five seasons in the NFL, I am just not sold.


Don’t get me wrong, I think Bradford is a great guy and I wish him nothing but the best during his recovery, but when it comes to strictly football play and the huge pay day that Sam the Man would be looking to cash in on after this season, it only makes sense for St. Louis to say no more. Even with Bradford, his football skills haven’t impressed me enough to think that he can take the Rams to the playoffs, and if they decide to cut the cord, this coming quarterback draft class with Jameis Winston, Brett Hundley and Marcus Mariota is rich enough with talent for St. Louis to take a chance on someone new.


Maybe this was going to be “the year” for Bradford, but now we will never know. The Rams have given the Oklahoma kid as many chances as you could ask for and whether it was an injury or a lack of success, he was never able to live up to his potential. An injury is one thing, but getting the job done is another, and since Bradford has failed at the latter, it may be time to finally say goodbye to St. Louis.

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